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Neon signs are luminous – tube signs that contain neon or inert gases at a low pressure. They are produced by the craft of bending glass tubing into shapes, these can come in various colors to give off the bright glow that neon gives.

High Visibility – Neon signs are great for businesses in general but especially beneficial for small or brand new businesses as they offer high visibility and stands out. Perfect for Night Time – Since neon signs offer high visibility, they are also advantageous to small businesses that can be spotted throughout the day and night. It is also helpful for businesses that offer 24/7 food takeouts or other emergency services.

Saves Energy – Neon light is created with a mixture of neon and light wherein it uses electricity to activate light. This process makes neon lights much low on energy and can help save an estimated 50 to 60 percent energy compared to traditional lights. Neon light produces a warm glow that in turn makes the signage look warm and bright as well.

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